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If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

Billie-Rose Reinette Tennant because all of them names are my favourite

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Current Location: Galifrey with the Doctor before the Time War
Current Mood: drunk drunk
Current Music: Titanic

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I woke up to find the Doctor gone i sat up and saw
the Doctor talking to the TARDIS while messing with some
cables which had come loose, with the bandage still around
his head.

"How are you feeling?" i asked while walking up to him

"i'm fine thanks" he answered looking at me, i couldn't
help staring in to his big brown doe-eyes "and thank you"
he told me

" what for" i questioned still staring at him

"for doing this" he said pointing at his head he was staring at me and smiling.i smiled back
"no its ok just glad you're okay"
i watched him warily as he closened up to me, i looked down
because i was embarressed, he cupped my chin up and closened
up to my face so out noses the touching and without me
thinking i could feel his lips on mine kissing me softley i
started to kiss him back, then i backed away
" i'm sorry i didn't mean it" i said blushing and started to
back away "i'll go for a wash i said and started to walk

"it's okay" he reasurred me

"no it isn't" i cried " i have just snogged a stranger i barely knew
so dont go telling me it's okay when it isn't" i ran out of the
doors and screamed, the Doctor ran out to me and gasped

"i dont believe it!" he shouted he grabbed my hand an squeezed it

"where are we ?" i whispered scaredly

" i think we are in a Torchwood" he whispered back they were
standing in a big room with a big table surrounded by chairs the
we heard the door open from behind us

"Doctor is that you?" a voice spoke we turned around

"well if i hadn't of know" the Doctor burst out as he hugged the stranger "how are you Jack" he asked him formely known as Jack

"i am quite alright Doctor i......" he was interuppted by the sound of me coughing (fake)

"i am so sorry to interupt but i think you might of forgotten
about me eh?"

"i'm sorry Fiona" he apoligised "Fiona this is Captain Jack Harkness he was one of my former companions but we had a bit of trouble and we lost him"

"we?" i said confused

The Doctor looked down "doesn't matter" he answered i looked at Jack and he shrugged and just then we heard some one shouting "Jack, are you up there?"

"yes hold on i'll be down in a min" he shouted back

Current Location: in bed in the TARDIS lieing next to the Doctor
Current Mood: bored bored

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I woke up to find the Doctor still unconscious and the Tardis shaking like mad.

"Doctor, Doctor wake up somethings happening please wake up i need your help" i begged despratley clutching his hand squeezing it just then i heard a murmur from him and then his i flickered open, i sighed in releif

"Doctor what's happening?" i asked him

"i don't know" he said running his fingers through his hair.

Then i noticed blood on the floor i looked up at the Doctor and saw there was blood coming from his head

"Doctor you're bleeding" i shouted he looked at me and said "where?"

"on your head i think"

and dabbed my hand around his head and fount a wet spot, i pulled my hand off and looked at it then looked at him "it is from your head, Doctor and theres loads" i replied and then there was a mighty bumped which made us begin to fall but thankfully in grabbed hold of a rail and grabbed the Doctor's hand and pulled him up.Then the Shaking stopped and it all went quiet

help me Doctor aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then she was gone his beautiful Rose gone

The Doctor shook his head he didn't know what was happening he looked at me and smiled then just fell and blacked out.

'oh no oh no! i thought i ran through the corridors and began frantically searching for a medical room at alst i found one and breathed a sigh of releif. i started to empty all the cupboards to find what i was looking for i picked up loads of pads and filled a bowl of warm water and ran back in to the Doctor i placed everything down and got a cloth and wet it then dabbed gently on the Doctors head soothing it and stroking his hair he looks so cute when he's asleep i smiled and started to dry the wound, then i began to aplly the bandages around the head.
At last i was done i stood up and took the used things into the medical room then started to look for The Doctor's bedroom i found it, eventually and went to grab his covers and pillows, i noticed somethingon his bedside table it was a photoframe whitch had a picture of him with his arm around this girl and they were smiling.The girl had lovely long blonde hair and a nice smile i shook my head and walked out of the room carring the things with me.

I entered the control room and walked to the place the Doctor was unconscious i kneeled down and took his jacket of and put it on his chair, then started to set the covers out the carefully placing pillows under his head, i yawned and with out another thought just lay down beside the doctor with my hand linked woth his fell into a blissful sleep.

Current Location: In time and space wiv the Doctor
Current Mood: hyper hyper
Current Music: endless summer

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chapter 1 - he who dares shall win

"Oi ,you!" i turned around there was a man in a
long brown coat running at me then he stopped
right in front of me.I shook my head.

"hi excuse me i was just woundering if you
could help me out?" he asked me.I stared at
him looking confused, then i thought god he"s sexy!
I snapped out of my trance and replyed
"yea what with?" i couldn"t take my eyes off him

"um" he paused for a minute "you proberly won"t beleive
me so i"ll have to show you" and with out me even
beable to speak he grabbed my hand and started to run.
his hands so warm and soft. i thought as i struggled
to keep up with him.
We stopped out side this blue telephone box as he
got his key out.

"What are we doing here?" i asked

"tell you in a minute when we get in side" he
answered as he pulled the door open and ran in.
I followed him in and couldn"t believe my eyes
of the size of the place i just blacked out.

I woke up a couple of hours later in a strange,
but comfortable place, i was in a bedroom.
I got out of bed and made my way out and found
myself in the place i blacked out in.

"hello again" i saw a man walking towards me
"how are you?" he asked gentley placing his
hand on my shoulder

"i"m fine sorry about that did"t know what
happened" i said

"it"s alright you"re not the first" he

"where are we and why am i here"

"yeah i was going to explain when we got
in here but it was to late" he joked he
turned his back to me and started to walk
away putting his arms out "welcome to the
TARDIS!" he shouted
i stood there staring at him confused "TARDIS?" i

"Time And Relative Dimension In Space, its a
Time Machine!" he said happily
"and i thought we still haven"t introduced, i"m
The Doctor" he grinned

"i"m Fiona nice to meet you, and when you say The
Doctor do you mean a medical Doctor cus" to me you
don"t look very professional" i answered smuggley

"no, let"s get things straight, number 1: im a Time
Lord and number 2 i im a galifreyan, oh yea and number
3: i travel in time in my space ship which you are
standing inside" he said satisfied
We didn"t know what to do next so i just walked out
of the control room and without his acknowledgement
started to wander around the "TARDIS" i entered this
huge libray room which had thousands of books in i
just stared completely amazed, The Doctor found me
after a while reading this big book about aliens
(which apparently said what the Doctor had fought)
i just sighed as went "as if!" and out of no where
another voice said " so you don"t beleive me, eh!?"
i turned around and looked up it was the Doctor i
jumped up " you don"t have to creep up on me like that
you know!" i exclaimed

"oh i"m so sorry" he replyed sarcastically "by the
way i did fight all those aliens so..... " he was
cut of by a huge bump and we both went flying across the
libray thankfully the Doctor went straight in to a shelf
of books and i landed on top of him " wow you"re soft we
should do this more often" i burst out laughing
"why thank you" the Doctor laughed as well " i do my best"

"what was that anyway?" i asked

" i don"t know we better go and have a look" he
said looking worried i followed him into the
control but by the look on his face it didn"t sound good.
It was really bumpy so i held on to the handle
but i was still going everywhere
"what"s happening?" i shouted
"i don"t know as he tried to get hold
of my hand i reached out and grabbed it
he pulled me to him i held him tightly
but to my amazment he didn"t mind" "shes never
done this before, come you can do it old gil just
get through it please?" he begged and with that
there was a enormous bang of power which made his
hand slip off the bar and send him flying along
with me after we both crashed into the wall falling unconcious.

Current Location: TARDIS snogging the Doctor
Current Mood: flirty flirty
Current Music: let me entertain you

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